“The Moment To Know” Is Out Now.

September 11th, 2001, the day America will never forget the immense tragedy and the sobering experience written in the pages of its history.

As a songwriter I always wanted to pay my tribute to all of my brothers and sisters who lost their lives throughout this tragic event but I never got the chance to make that dream come true until today. The new song “The moment to know” describes the story of a mother and her son who were living together. His mother was paralyzed and so ill that she could barley survive on her own and her son was the only person who took care of her. The story starts from the early morning of September 11th where the son was leaving to go to work in world trade center towers.

For the lyrics of the song I have had the chance to collaborate with two of my tremendously talented friends Jennifer Louise and Lucy Prasad, hopefully the words are effective & powerful enough to picture you the whole story.

You can download the song from the link provided in this post or watch the video with the lyrics subtitled on yoututbe or you can even download the song from my itunes or amazon profile to support my productions.

The Moment To Know (MP3/320kbps) :

The Poster :

As always I would be most pleased to hear your comments and opinions on my productions. May all of those who passed away in 9/11 tragic event rest in peace for ever and may we never forget about them and their families.

Love you all, Rick.


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How To Write A Song wrote:


[…]with all you could staded i must know i really like on your path connected with writing[…]…

Montu Yadav wrote:

Great Rick, i respects you because you sang the sung for world’s one of the beautiful buildings and every American because i loves america(new york) and americans, and i proud the strongest country, but i sad all the times when i see world trade center attack story on television.

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