The Anniversary of Japan Tsunami.

One year after the tragic Japan tsunami, life goes on but so does the suffering of all the people who have lost someone dear to them. This song is here to remind the world that to remember is to care, and that if we all stand together with those affected by tragedy, their healing will possibly take less time.

March 11 is the anniversary of the Japan Tsunami, let us make the world believe that we all stand next to each in solidarity by caring and giving. May all of those who passed away rest in peace and may god give patience to all of those who lost their loved ones.

Download the song from the link (Right click on the link and choose Save Target AS / Save Link As):

Download Mp3 : Hallelujah (Mp3)

Download Video : Hallelujah (Video)

Watch the video of the song on YouTube.


Lyrics By:  Lucy Prasad
Produced By:  Rick Tallis
Mixed & Mastered @ MS Records LLC.

Original Production By:  John Lissauer
Original Lyrics By:  Leonard Cohen

All of the photos used in this slide show are courtesy of The Atlantic, AP Photo, STR, AFP, Getty Images and Reuters.

To Remember Is To Care, Rick.


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