London 2012 Inspires A Generation…

Inspire a generation, well-chosen slogan for one of the biggest world wide gatherings of the year, London 2012, Olympic events. Being a part of this international act is anyone’s biggest honor, where you find the chance to see the world come together in peace and fairly compete for the golden aim of international understanding.

On the 50th day to the beginning of the London 2012 Olympics we would like to present to you our new single “All In Our Hands” which I have exclusively written for this great event and dedicate it to all of the athletes and people who have been inspired by this international act for watching the most precious moments to shine.

The song is written and produced by me on the beautiful lyrics of my dearest friend Lucy Prasad whose adorable taste of choosing the words made it the most enjoyable production I have ever had the chance to work on. The song is a combination of electronic pop and dance music while having the British music influences and with bagpipes playing the melodies in the background as a tribute to the location of the Olympic Games this year.

As this is the third time London has been chosen to host the Olympic Games, it turned out to be a special coincidence that the length of the song is 3:33 minutes.

You may download the song from the link provided below or you may purchase it from my iTunes, Amazon or Madeloud profile once they were available for download.

Download : London 2012 – Rick Tallis – All In Our Hands

See you all in the London 2012, Grand Opening festival.
Love all, Rick.


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London 2012 – Moments to Shine!

The Olympics torch relay has just begun and the new single “All In Our Hands” for the London 2012 – Olympic Games, will be released on June 7th, 2012.

The song will be available for free download on my website and all of the music portals over the web and you may also download the song from iTunes, Amazon and Madeloud.

See you here on June 7th.
Love, Rick.


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Waves Announced CLA Competition.

Waves Team has announced CLA Song Competition in collaboration with Audio Fanzine. The first prize will be a mix of the winner song by the legendary Chris Lord Alge himself.

I have participated in the competition with my song “Do You”. You can go to waves website and vote for the contestants. The public voting will start from today and will be open until the April 10th. I’ll be more than happy if you could also vote for me. Wish you all the best of lucks.

Thanks a whole lot, Rick.


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