“Do You” Is Dedicated To Cheryl Cole.

The new single “Do You” is an up-tempo song which is a mixture of Dance, Electro Pop and Vocal Trance. The song has been written and produced by Rick Tallis and is dedicated to the British singer Cheryl Cole.

“Do you” is an emotional, almost old-fashioned declaration of love with beautiful yet simple imagery. In today’s world with its fast pace, it is like a breath of fresh air to talk about eternal feelings like love for someone else, while taking your inspiration from the beauty of nature and music. You can download the song from the youtube link, soundcloud profile, madeloud profile, iTunes & Amazon and also the link provided in this post. I would also be more appreciative if you could send the song to your friends and favorite radio stations if you found it gripping enough.

I highly value your worthy comments and I will be more than happy to read them and learn from them. Please find the links for downloading the song and poster.

(For downloading the song please right click on the link and choose save target as)

Download Mp3 : Rick Tallis – Do You
Download Poster : Poster of Do You

Download from Soundcloud : SoundCloud
Download from MadeLoud : MadeLoud
Download from iTunes : iTunes
Download from Amazon : Amazon

Love you all to bits, Rick.


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