Appear On The Video For Cheryl!

For the music video of the song all of Cheryl Cole’s fans, all over the world, are welcome to appear on the video, lip sync the song and record their footages and send it to us so that we can make a video from all those footages, with their names underneath each rush.

For this process please consider these things,

1.  The video must be less than 100mb (for better quality you may shoot it on HD)

2.  We accept your footages until January 27, 2012.

3.  You can attach your videos to your email or you can upload the footages on any of the provided free uploading service on item 6th.

4.  Send us your complete name or nickname so that we can write it down underneath your footages.

5.  Send your recordings or the link to the uploaded link to this email address

6.  For uploading your recordings to the free upload services please only use provided services here in below.

Uploading Services We Suggest,

  4. You can also attach the video to your email and send it to

The video will be released 1 week after January 27, 2012. You may subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest news and the exact release date of the video.

Love all, Rick.


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